knight comelot slays a dragon

In the Middle Ages, in 1543, a king had six knights who could slay dragons. Everyday a night slew one dragon but one knight couldn’t. His name was Knight Comelot.

Knight Comelot was the laziest night in the city of Olden. He did nothing but sleep and eat. The chef complained because he had to prepare eight meals a day for Knight Comelot. And the maid had to fix Knight Comelot’s bed ten times and clean the table eight times.

The five knights complained too. Whenever the knights asked Knight Comelot to slay a dragon, he would always say, “I will do it tomorrow.” Everyone complained about Knight Comelot. The king was angry about what he heard about him.

“Don’t worry about him. I have a plan,” said the king.

One day, the king went to Knight Comelot’s room. “Knight Comelot!” yelled the king. There was no answer.

“Knight Comelot!” the king yelled harder. There was still no answer. The king yelled seven times. And still there was no answer. The king was so mad he got a sword and he cut through the door. When he entered the room he saw Knight Comelot dozing in his bed. The king was furious.

“Knight Comelot!” shouted the king. “Knight Comelot!” the king shouted louder. The king thought it was never going to end. So he shouted, “Sir Comelot, your dinner is served.”

Knight Comelot woke up and said, “Where’s the food? Where’s the food?” But when he saw the king he said, “Uh, sir what can I do for you?

“I will tell you what to do. You’re the only knight that has not slain a dragon. So I want you to slay a dragon,” said the king.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” answered Knight Comelot.

“You will do it today or else you will not be a knight anymore,” said the king angrily.

Knight Comelot thought for a moment, “I don’t want to slay a dragon but I want to be a knight.” Knight Comelot had no choice but to slay a dragon. “I will slay a dragon,” said Knight Comelot.

“Good, you and me will go to the Dragon Forest first thing in the morning,” said the king. “That is where all the dragons live. Now you need some rest. Goodnight, Knight Comelot.”

“Goodnight sir,” replied Knight Comelot. Then Knight Comelot went to sleep.

The next morning, Knight Comelot overslept. The king was so furious he did not knock, yell or anything, he just got a sword and cut through the door. When he saw Knight Comelot dozing on his bed, he yelled, “Wake up!”

Knight Comelot had the shock of his life. “Knight Comelot, do you know what time it is?” asked the king. “No,” answered the frightened Knight Comelot.

“Well, it’s 3:00 in the afternoon. And we were supposed to go at 7:00am sharp. You know, Comelot, I take back what i said early. Not only are you the only knight that has not slain a dragon, but you are also the laziest knight this city has ever had. Now go get dressed in your armour,” said the king.

“Right away, sir,” replied Knight Comelot.

Later, when they were at Dragon Forest, the king said, “We will try each dragon until you slay one. The first dragon was the strongest dragon in Dragon Forest. But when Knight Comelot tried to slay it, the dragon blew fire at Knight Comelot. It burned his foot. The king had to find a pond to cool Knight Comelot’s foot.

Then the second dragon was the second strongest dragon in Dragon Forest. But the second dragon also blew fire and it burned Knight Comelot’s hand. And the king brought Knight Comelot to the pond again to cool his hand.

The king found several dragons for Knight Comelot to slay but every dragon burned a body part of Knight Comelot. And the king had to carry Knight Comelot to the pond several more times to cool Knight Comelot’s body parts.

The king showed the last dragon to Knight Comelot. It was the smallest dragon in Dragon Forest. And the king said, “This dragon does not blow fire so if you don’t slay or defeat it, you cannot be a knight anymore.” The knight panicked when the king released the smallest dragon. Knight Comelot stepped on the smallest dragon and killed him.

The king was now happy and they had a celebration. And Knight Comelot was not so lazy anymore. And that dragon he killed is now called a lizard. And the king and the six knights lived happily ever after.

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