flight to the stars

Originally released in 2010, Flight to the Stars is Mae’s first book of stories for young adults. Her stories have ranged from the earlier magical tales, fables and fantasies to the present collection of naturalistic fiction. The book contains the stories Flight to the StarsSapphire, and The Purple Box. 

flight to the stars

Reviews for Flight to the Stars (spoiler alert!)

“As beginning writers, we are often told to write what we know. In Samantha’s case, she writes about what she knows she doesn’t know in an attempt to understand the world outside her sheltered own. In the first and longest story Flight to the Stars, a son’s hatred for his father’s mistress but true love is transformed into a genuine love for that person and an understanding of his own mentally-ill mother. In Sapphire, she vividly re-creates a young girl’s battle with weight, bullying and first love. While these first two stories are filled with the optimism of youth, her last story The Purple Box reveals an old soul, a maturity beyond her age when she tackles the age-old question, why are we here?”
-Carla Pacis, PBBY and Carlos Palanca award-winning author

“The effect is like a rollercoaster ride that scales the peak of excitement then plunges down into troughs of crisis, until the journey ends in a catharsis of joyful release or as we finish reading the last story, it leaves us pondering what the meaning of life could be all about.”
-Ed Maranan, PBBY and Carlos Palanca award-winning author

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2 thoughts on “flight to the stars

  1. I want to buy this book of yours too. I’m curious of what its content. 🙂 I love you, Mae. Take care always. Please do write more young adult books. Would love to send you mails


    1. hi aimee! oh, i’m sorry but i don’t think flight to the stars is being sold anymore… i would love to hear more from you! you can find my email at my ‘about me’ page


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