a hungry wolf

In a farm, there were pigs, sheep and chickens. Beside the farm, there was a house where a wizard lived. The wizard had a pet wolf. This wolf was a greedy wolf and he was always hungry.

One day, the wizard was taking a nap and the wolf was very hungry. The wolf was looking at the sheep in the farm. So the wolf went to the spell room where he was forbidden to go.

“Now where did the wizard put that costume spell book,” said the wolf. When the wolf found the book, he read the words and chanted,

“Costume, costume costume,
What should I wear?
This is a question I could not bear,
In one beep I want a costume of a sheep.”

And then out of nowhere, there was a huge cotton with four holes at the bottom and a big hole in front, two sheep’s ears, a cotton hat, and a red nose. When the wolf wore the costume, he looked like a sheep.

“I can trick those sheep and they will think that I am one of them and when the time comes, I’ll eat all of them. Ha, ha I do love lamb chops,” said the wolf. Then, the wolf crept carefully out of his house and got to the farm.

Then, the wolf went inside the sheep’s gate and one sheep said, “I have never seen you before.”

“Umm, I am from the Lamb Help Group,” replied the wolf.

“Ah, the LHG! You are one of the lambs, who help other lambs find food,” said another lamb. Later that evening, all the lambs were asleep except for one greedy wolf.

“At midnight, I will eat one of these sheep. I will just pretend I’m sleeping for now,” said the wolf. At midnight, the wolf was ready to eat one sheep. Then he spotted a big fat sheep. “That one would taste good.” Then the wolf hid in the grass to be sure no one would spot him. The wolf was about to pounce when the farmer came out to milk the cows. The wolf put his costume aside and he pounced on the sheep. But the farmer saw the wolf just in time.

“You! You almost ate one of my precious lambs! I knew my friend Merlin the wizard should have not had a pet wolf. Now look, you could have eaten my favourite sheep!” said the farmer angrily.

“Merlin! Your wild wolf almost ate one of my sheep!” said the farmer.

“My wolf will never do such a thing. In fact, where is he?” said Merlin.

“If he would never do such a thing, can you explain why is he here?” said the farmer.

“I will just look at my crystal ball.” He saw the wolf went to the spell room, went to the sheep and ate one of them.

“I’m sorry for all of this. I will take care of him,” said Merlin.

“How could you do this? You know better,” said Merlin to the wolf.

“I was hungry,” said the wolf softly.

“This is your first warning. Two more and you will be punished!” said Merlin angrily.

The next day, the wolf was looking hungrily at the pigs in the farm.

“I know what you’re thinking. I’ll just lock the door so you can’t go to those pigs,” said Merlin.

That night, while Merlin was sleeping, the wolf went to the spell room again and got the same book and chanted,

“Costume, costume, costume,
What should I wear?
This is a question I could not bear,
In one fig I want a costume of a pig,”

Once again, there was a costume that appeared. But it was a different costume. There was a huge, pink ball with four holes at the bottom and a big hole in front, two pig ears, a snout, and a spring for a tail. When the wolf wore the costume, he looked like a pig. When he got to the door, he found out it was locked.

“That Merlin is clever,” said the wolf. He put his sharp nail into the keyhole and unlocked the door. Then, he went to the pig’s pen. There was a lock so once again he put his nail into the lock and unlocked it.

“I’ve never seen you before,” said one pig.

“I am from the Pig Eating Group,” said the wolf.

“Oh, the PEG! You are one of the pigs that go on a diet!” said the other pig.

“To be sure I’ll eat one pig now so I will not get caught by Merlin or the farmer, ” thought the wolf. Suddenly, the wolf pounced and chased the biggest pig. And then, there was a beeping sound, “I knew you will come back,” said the farmer. “I have installed a security system. If anyone touches my animals except for me, there will be a loud beep. Merlin! Your nasty wolf almost ate one of my animals again!” said the farmer loudly.

“My wolf wouldn’t do that the second time,” said the wizard.

“Is that so? Explain why is he here in a pig costume,” said the farmer.

“I’m sorry, he will never do this again. This is your second and final warning, wolf! One more and you will have a punishment!” said Merlin.

“I better be careful next time, I could be punished by Merlin,” thought the wolf.

The next day, the wolf was looking hungrily at the chickens. “I knew you will want those chickens for a snack. The farmer lent me a machine that will emit a loud beep if anyone touches the door, and I also installed a machine on the door of the spell room. The farmer also installed one in every door of his farm. So you stay in this house,” said the wizard. Now this was like torture to the wolf. Chasing chickens was his favourite thing to do.

“I just got to get those chickens. But how do i get a chicken costume?” Although, I could go to the chickens without the costume and I could run faster when the farmer sees me,” thought the wolf.

That night, the wolf unlocked the lock and jumped over the machine and went to the chickens. When the wolf saw the chickens asleep, he said, “Good! The chickens are asleep!” He jumped over the machine but one chicken woke up and saw the wolf and ran around the farm. The wolf chased him for two hours until the chicken accidentally stepped on the machine. The farmer then caught the wolf and knocked on Merlin’s door and yelled, “If you don’t do anything to this wolf, I’ll call the police!” Merlin answered the door and saw the farmer holding the wolf looking angrily at him.

“Oh, he’ll be punished alright!” said Merlin. And the farmer dropped the wolf and went back to the farm.

“I’m very disappointed with you,” Said the wizard to the wolf. “Now you’re going to learn about consequences.” Then the wolf was in the jungle but he was no longer a wolf: he had a sheep’s head, a pig’s body and chicken’s feet. There were millions of wolves looking at him hungrily. All the wolves started chasing him and he ran for his life. Then a wolf scratched him on his left, “Owwwwwwwww!” he shouted. Then, he was trapped and begged Merlin, “Please! I won’t be greedy again! I’m about to be eaten! I’m very sorry about what I did, but please get me out of here!”

Suddenly, the wolf was back at Merlin’s home and he was his normal self again. Now he was a vegetarian and Merlin put the scar on his leg that the other wolves scratched to remind him not to be greedy. As for the wolves that were about to eat him, they have been searching for the sheep-pig-chicken ever since.

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